How to Learn Quran fast and Easy? And How it Works

How it works? With very basic and simple steps you are ready to start your online Quran journey. We facilitate you at every step and ensure that you do not face any difficulty while using our website. In most cases, You can start learning Quran online in 3 to 4 easy steps.

How it works? How to learn Quran Fast an Easy?

Step #1

Select Your Course

First step is to select a course that best suits Your needs and aptitude. We have Quran courses for beginner to Advanced level. if you need help in deciding where to start You can also contact our support. 

Step #2

Enroll or contact us

Once You have decided your course, the next step is to Enroll in that course by visiting the course page and filling in your information at registration form given at the bottom of each Quran course page.

Step #3

Attend a trial class

This step is optional. However if you would like to have a Free trial class. You can simply fill in this form and select the course for which you would like to join a free Trial class conducted on specific days.

Step #4

Join Regular Classes

Once you have completed all previous steps and registered successfully. You can start taking regular classes of Your selected online Quran learning course, offered at Online Quran 101 Academy 

Who we are?


Online Quran 101 is a Govt. registered Quran Academy focused to encourage learning & teaching of the Holy Quan. We have an expert team of Certified Quran teachers who are actively helping thousands of people to learn Quran from basic level including children.


Before diving into the depth of any topic, you need to acquire its basic knowledge and build a strong foundation. Usually, people start directly from reciting the Quran and end up understanding nothing.

Allah states in The Quran- Surah Yusuf- that He has made the book easy to understand.

Quran al Karim is the only book in history that has never been changed from its very original and first form. This is one of the biggest miracles of the Holy Quran.

Arabic is a complicated language and a slight difference in the pronunciation can change the meaning.

The Holy Quran along with the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is one way to learn about the teachings of Islam and implement them in our daily lives.

In the context of the Quran, Tajweed refers to the set of rules that are used for the correct pronunciation of alphabets and their qualities/meanings.